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What's the threshold at which we might be approved for the Name-Free Interaction beta?

According to the docs, we definitely won't be accepted into the beta until the app has had a certain amount of real-world use and shown that we aren't immediately going to blow up. Does anyone know what amount of experience they're looking for?

(Not that I'm going to hit it soon, at this rate; still trying to get the word out about my Skill. But I just figured out how to handle some of the metadata for my music source and eventually would like to let users ask about it using Alexa's native support rather than having to say "ask mySkill" first.)

(As a personal kluge-around, Alexa Routines can submit text commands to Alexa, so you can set up your own shortcuts. But those won't play nicely with Alexa's normal context-dispatching of "who sings this song" and other name-free requests.)

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For that matter: Do I really have to be in the beta program just to respond to the name-free `AMAZON.SearchAction`intents? Those aren't much less generic than "stop" and "restart" and so on, which we can already use in name-free form...
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