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"MONTANA" device failed Functionality Validation

In early March, in our dashboard we have a failed Functionality Validation test for device MONTANA. There was no email notification about that test (there was no submission or change on our side to trigger any tests).

Is there a build model associated with that device? Is there more info about what that device capabilities are?

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Hi Jacek,

So that our support team can investigate this issue, please use the Contact Us form:

Be sure to include the name of the app you saw this failed Functionality Validation test on, so they can investigate.



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Aren't device friendly names and and build model names a public knowledge? Amazon lists basically all that info on this page. If there are new devices, that page should be updated.

I only need the build model name for that device as I cannot match it to anything from that page (really don't care about that failed test).

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It is kind of mind boggling that developer support on this forum is not capable of getting such simple answers. I would assume that having all apps running smoothly on all devices is also in Amazon's interest.

Furthermore, this is developers forum, so I would expect that every time there is a new device, Amazon would post about it to let us know. I would actually not mind if an email would be sent, or rather would prefer this option.

If anyone else is confused about that MONTANA device, it is Funai 4k Fire TV Edition 2022, build model UF340, and is already listed on that Identifying Fire TV Devices page..It may be that it is only available in Japan.

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Well, it looks like UF340 was more like an engineering build model (just guessing). We noticed in our logs a new build model - AFTMON001 that was not on that device identifying page. After contacting support, and having several back and forth trips, they stated that AFTMON001 is the Funai 2022 TV. They didn't bother to elaborate whether UF340 is still relevant or not. Also that identifying page was modified to have AFTMON001 for that Funai TV.

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