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Zigbee Motion Sensor Routine does not run

Hello. I successfully added a ZigBee motion sensor to a ZigBee hub using the Tuya App, which was also recognized as alarm motion device by Alexa. I can view the device's activity (motion detection) in Alexa. For example, the Alexa App device section shows when motion occurs and records the activity history.

I tried several times to create a routine that broadcasts a voice message from a home echo device when device motion is detected. However, the trigger (motion) never activates the routine. I've tried several times - even removing the device, reinstalling it and recreating the routines. Activity (motion) is never recorded in the routine's history section of Alexa.

Routine Setup:

Name: Mailbox Alert

When: Motion Sensor detects motion


Alexa Action: Say: "Mailbox is open"

Any ideas? Other routines work fine with other types of devices on network.

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