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About productId in RVS response

I created a subscription item。sku is "item1_monthly", its subscriptionParent is "item1".

I tried to buy this item with sku "item1_monthly".

Then I check the order with RVS.

RVS response is:

  "autoRenewing": true,
  "betaProduct": false,
  "cancelDate": null,
  "cancelReason": null,
  "deferredDate": null,
  "deferredSku": null,
  "freeTrialEndDate": 1646817761885,
  "gracePeriodEndDate": 1646817761885,
  "parentProductId": null,
  "productId": "item1",
  "productType": "SUBSCRIPTION",
  "purchaseDate": 1646817758136,
  "purchaseMetadataMap": null,
  "quantity": 1,
  "receiptId": "MaldpZUrRRjQKEdmbVAR5",
  "renewalDate": 1646817761885,
  "term": "1 Month",
  "termSku": "item1_term",
  "testTransaction": true,

This "productId" is different from the sku used when buy goods.

Is this result right?

And “cancelDate” is null, how do I know when the subscription deadline is.

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