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I'm getting COMMAND_SERVICE_NOT_INSTALLED errors when trying to connect to the Appstore SDK in sandbox mode from a Samsung Device:

  1. D/Kiwi: CommandServiceClient: Binding Service!!!
  2. D/Kiwi: CommandServiceClient: Created intent with action
  3. E/Kiwi: CommandServiceClient: CommandServiceException happened, retriesLeft=4
  5. at
  6. at
  7. at
  8. at$
  9. at android.os.Handler.handleCallback(
  10. at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
  11. at android.os.Looper.loop(
  12. at
  13. D/Kiwi: CommandServiceClient: Sleeping for 400 ms

I'm also trying to get the user data but the request never returns on Sandbox.

  1. D/d: Appstore SDK - Sandbox Mode: sendGetUserDataRequest
  2. D/d: Appstore SDK - Sandbox Mode: sendPurchaseUpdatesRequest/sendGetUserData first:a3c3a5b3-d45d-4a0d-9ba7-6bb7c3075bba
  3. D/d: Appstore SDK - Sandbox Mode: sendItemDataRequest

When running against the production servers I do get a response but it's status code is failed:

  1. D/AmazonIAPStore: onUserDataResponse status=FAILED (, requestId: "4768930a-9fa6-443e-8ae9-db256b339cc3", requestStatus: "FAILED", userData: "null")

What am I missing here ? I do see the .json uploaded in the Amazon App Tester app, included the pem file for app store authentication and for peace of mind I've disabled obfuscation and optimization in my pro guard rules file:

-printconfiguration fullconfig.txt

What am I missing ?

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Not clear from the documentation but adding this in the manifest fixed my InApp sandbox testing issues:

    <package android:name="" />
    <package android:name="" />

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