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Custom skill not launch in some devices

TL;DR: We've found out that some alexa devices don't understand the launch phrase used on our skill, but they were working just fine a few days ago.

We're facing an issue while trying to launch our custom skill 'Tecnofit BOX'. Our skill shows that it's 100% functional without any errors while testing on the console (both dev and live). But, we've found out the some devices don't seem start the skill (we've already tested using our own devices by the way) and the response either is a mismatch regarding the pronounced word 'tecnofit' (that gives us 'tecno fit', 'tecno feat' and many others), either gives us unavailable command beep or it says that it doesn't have any response for that. Skill ID : amzn1.ask.skill.ca9b3e67-cc4e-409c-b61 P.S. These devices that are going through this situation, were performing the full cycle (launching, navigating through intents and quitting) normally a few days ago Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you guys.

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