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Smarthome Relationship userids (Alexa, Smarthome Backend) and LWA tokens

Hi, I am developing a Smarthome skill and for me the relationship between the Alexa userid, the userid in my Smarthome backend and the AcceptGrant Refresh/AccessToken in the following scenario is not really clear.

The Alexa user „AlexaUserA“ is activating my Smarthome skill and doing the Account Linking with Smarthome user „SHUser1“ . In this case I will receive an Account-Linking Event and I am able to store the relationship between both userIds in my Skill:

AlexaUserA -> SHUser1

But when another Alexa user „AlexaUserB“ is also doing an Account Linking with the same Smarthome user „SH-User1“. then I would expect to have two relationships in my skill:

AlexaUserA -> SHUser1

AlexaUserB -> SHUser1

But, when I now get an AcceptGrant Directive, I want to store the LWA-Refresh/accessToken, but how can I detect if the Tokens are belonging to AlexaUserA or AlexaUserB?

Thanks for helping!

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