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Alexa Custom Skill tutorial is not working

Hi all,

I was following Amazons “Zero to Hero” playlist which can be found on YouTube:

Problem: When testing the custom skill, I get a response by Alexa that is NOT the same as to the tutorial video (part 4: persistence, timestamp: 13:30).


My result are on the left. Amazons’ tutorial result are on the right.

According to a YouTube comment, the reason why I get this response is because I am using an old package.json version.

<image 2: Youtube comment>

After reading the YT comment, I did alter the package.json and started to get the error message “There was a problem with the requested skill’s response”.

Please note:

The response by Alexa also does not belong to my “localization.js”.

I am using Node.js as my programming language.

All the code was copied from Amazons GitHub for this tutorial:,%20Part%204:%20Persistence&sc_publisher=TW&sc_content=Content&sc_funnel=Convert&sc_country=WW&sc_medium=Owned_SM_VDE%20EU%20EN%20YouTube%20-%20Zero%20to%20Hero,%20Part%204:%20Persistence_TW_Content_Convert_WW_Developers&sc_segment=Developers

If anyone can help me, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you & kind regards,


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Andy Whitworth answered

There is a "built-in" Amazon Alexa capability which is getting invoked rather than your skill. If I say "open happy birthday" then I get exactly the same responses as you're finding. This is because the Amazon supplied "happy birthday" skill is being invoked.

First thing to try is to check in the Alexa app that your "happy birthday" development skill is enabled, they aren't always enabled by default. Open the app, navigate to skills->your skills->dev and find your happy birthday skill in the list. Check that it is "enabled", this may prioritise your skill over the Amazon one.

If it is enabled and you're getting the same outcome then you'll have to change the invocation name from "happy birthday" to something which doesn't clash with the internal Amazon skill. This is done by changing the incovation name in the model files

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Hi @Andy Whitworth,

Thank you! The second solution works. :)

By any chance, is it possible if you could show me where to find the "dev" section in order to "enable" the skill over Amazons one. (For solution 1).

If possible, could you send a screenshot?

This is what I can see at the moment.

1643735720858.png The hello world is my "happy birthday" skill.

Kind regards,


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Hi Sam,

You need to look in the Alexa companion app on your phone / mobile device. The skills list I'm referring to is in there. If you don't have the app then you can either install that or use the web interface (not the dev console which you screenshotted). e.g. for the UK, it's

Doing it in the mobile app is best though.

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