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Alexa Smart Home Skill - "Failed to load the page fully. Refresh the page and try again." BUT EVERYTHING IS WORKING 100%

whatsapp-image-2022-01-16-at-80917-pm.jpegHello. I am developing and smart home skill for a few weeks now. Yesterday i started to get an annoying message when I am in the LIGHTS category telling me "Failed to load the page fully. Refresh the page and try again.". If i go on All devices, or any other type of device, i get no error. It's not even like an error. It is like a warning.

Tried everything. Rolled back to lambda when i am sure i didnt have this funky error. Rolled back my backend and api to the exact same version with lambda function without message.

Tried another alexa account, tried another account from my app with a new alexa account. Tried every single light producer individual, tried different android phone, iphone, changed network, nothing can make that annoying warning to leave me alone.

I think it started some time after i enabled hunches, but I cant seem to be able to undo it.

Using the api and lambda function version when this wasn't showing up, with a new phone, another network, new account from my app, and new alexa account, it shows up even like this, 3 seconds after i go to LIGHTS device category.

If i am on all devices, It does not show up. What could it be, it's very frustrating and i have a deadline soon, and can't release the skill like this.

I dumped all in CloudWatch, I did compare the reportState with an old reportState when thsi issue was inexistent.

Checked the discovery, all is the same.

That makes me think something changed in alexa lights api and I am not aware of this change.

Any sugestions?

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