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Is PowerLevelController broken? Overruled by brightness?

After attempting to add the powerLevel controller to our Alexa smart-home skill, I have found that I am unable to trigger a powerLevel command. I am not seeing a powerLevel controller visual interface in the Alexa mobile app (Android, iOS), and when attempting to adjust the device powerLevel Alexa simply responds "Ok" without making any requests. (We are not receiving request to our back end.)

I am following the docs, and our discovery and stateReport objects include the powerLevel controller and look to be formatted correctly. All other controllers are working fine, toggles, brightness, etc.

I have seen other posts here on the forum regarding the powerLevel controller not working, I will list those below. Some mention that the powerLevelController is sometimes overwritten or covered up by the normal powerController or the brightnessController interfaces. Our skill is using both as well.

Anyone who can help would be much appreciated. I may end up switching to a rangeController since we have seen success with those for our devices, but if at all possible, I would like to avoid that.

Is this a bug? Is this expected functionality? Does powerLevel not have a visual interface? Let me know.


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