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alexa cannot control my home assistant anymore

Couple months ago all my voice devices pi and respeakercore stopped responding to intent commands.The response is"that feature is only supported by Alexa built in devices" Every thing else works correctly. I can control the home devices using the alexa app. Help me ?

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The "That feature is only available on certified Alexa Built-in devices" message is the result of an updated security policy which can be found here:

These restrictions will be lifted when or if your AVS device obtains a security assessment from an authorized security lab and receives an Alexa-built in badge. For more information about AVS device testing, please see the following:

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I only use the service because its fun to build these devices myself. It seems all this is for commercial uses. Are there any options other than buying an "official alexa device to control my home assistant". I would rather have my own wake word.

It seems a little daunting to go thru all the steps to conform to these new safety restrictions just for my basic pi3 device.

Maybe I don't understand the bigger picture.

Does Amazon does not want hobbyist to have devices with free Alexa service ?

Can i do what you suggest with just the basic pi3 - respeaker set-up and get it certified. will it cost me money for anything.

Thank you.

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The AVS device certification process is really meant for devices intended for commercial distribution. Additionally, the certification process does cost money.

With regard to controlling your smart home setup then, it would probably be most practical to use a certified device. Alexa within the Alexa app is one such device and is also free. Granted, when using a device made by Amazon the selection of wake words is currently limited to "Alexa", "Amazon", "Echo" or "Computer":

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