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The device can't be provisioned

The detail of my application process is as follow:

1) We received the email from FFS support team with DSS Public Key

3) We used the DSS Public Key to generate DAK and DHA keys and in the end I have obtained private_key.pem and certificate.pem

4) After submit the test device, we replaced the keys with the newly generated pair

5) The device send: {"nonce":"YD6B2OnVq+ABd0KNWt02J4oWKWkoBCq"}, then got response: {"canProceed":false,"waitTime":"PT30S"} which cause the provisioning stop and exit. The x-amzn-RequestId is 5cccfe7d-d407-46f7-977f-73640a9b7f3c, and x-amzn-dss-signature is MEQCIGiA2mP6Vq1HcEO/JG58KawOi+O/J7+chAQbSwR53HlmAiA17KLCJMCWEDG/UZk7ZLpdZdO7nKNPuMCv8pGwCS1a+g==

The attachment below is part of device log during this procedure by connect to simple_setup SSID.


What things we missed or did wrong in this procedure?

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