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Bluetooth volume too quiet on Firestick Lite

I have a 4K firestick plugged into a projector, and over Bluetooth to a surround system.

This works great, but since it's only a HD projector I thought I could just get a Lite firestick and use the 4K one elsewhere.

The problem is that the volume over bluetooth is so low it's unusable.

Other people have this issue and a temporary fix is posted here:

Firestick Lite low volume Fixed - YouTube

Specifically, having to run Adb shell Code : service call audio 7 i32 6 i32 15 i32 10

but it's not practical to do this every time the family want to watch something.

I spoke with 5 amazon representatives today, most of whom didn't seem to even understand the issue and they aren't allowed to see the external link anyway.

The fix for me is to use my 4K firestick and put my 1 day old LITE in the drawer since it's unusable.

Any other ideas most welcome!


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