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Manage multilingual catalog update jobs via SMAPI

Hey all,

some time go we switched our skills to use the catalog management API. We base this on this and that.

Now for the first time we wanted to create a multi-lingual skill (EN and DE).

According to the documentation there is the field resource.locales in the ReferencedResourceVersionUpdate job definition for this purpose. It's designed as an array - however you are only allowed to use one item in it, otherwise you get the error "Locale list can only be of size one".

Well, I thought, what's the sense of an array if there is only one item allowed, but let's workaround this - let's just create a job for every locale. But: "There is already a job created for entityId=amzn1.ask.skill.d053…"

Looking at the documentation I saw that the field resource.locales is not required - so I decided to just leave it away. That resulted in "Locales list much be present in Interaction Model Resource."

Ignoring the fact that "much" should be "must" I tried to google the error messages "Locale list can only be of size one", "Locales list much be present in Interaction Model Resource." and "Locales list must be present in Interaction Model Resource.". All of them gave exactly 0 results... (which changes today with this thread, I guess...)

That all leads me to the questions:

  • Does anyone else in this world use job updates for multilingual skills via SMAPI?
  • What can I do to workaround this?
  • @Amazon: is this broken, or am I broken?

Thanks for any technical (or at this point even spiritual) counseling!


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