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RVS purchase status

I'm working on backend integration our service with fire tv.
We are using api to RVS to verify receipt.

I need to determine that user was charged for current payment period of his subscription.
I'm seeing confusing behavior of purchase.

Here is an example of responses from production environment:

10/27/21 verification response saying that purchase was charged
gracePeriodEndDate is null
renewalDate updated to the next month

10/30/21 verification response changed to grace period
gracePeriodEndDate became 11/01/21
renewalDate stays the same as on previous check

After purchase got cancelled.

Could you please help me to understand this behavior
Was user charged for a month at 10/26 for the next month of subscription or not?
What does mean when gracePeriodEndDate < renewal date in case user was not charged?

How to determine exactly that user was charged for particular period of subscription?

Thank you in advance.

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It is very strange, that starting from November 2021 there is still no answers.

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