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Web App on Fire TV: How to reliably suppress media key propagation to background apps?

When submitting my web app-based game to appstore validation, validation on Fire TV devices always fails with the following reason:

"FireTV-27- Game: App makes use of the Media Buttons but fails to prevent other applications in the background from using them as well, resulting in conflicting inputs."

All my key event handlers (keydown, keyup, keypress) call evt.stopPropagation(); evt.preventDefault(); . In my personal tests I cannot reproduce the issue, media playback of background apps immediately stops when the game starts. I haven't found a single example in the web or documentation how this shall be done correctly with web apps, only for Android-based apps. The Adroid approach (return value 1) is however not transferable on web app javascript event handlers, which do not have a return value.

Any ideas or examples would be highly appreciated.

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