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Same friendly name in different device groups

Hi everyone,

The problem I am going to talk about has been discussed on several threads in the comunity forum however i would like to post it again just because i have read something in the documentation which makes me think things could have changed.

As the title hints you cannot name to devices with exactly the same friendly name, arrange them in separate device groups (each with it´s own echo dot) and hope that Alexa targets the correct device. Eg:

Room1: [Ceiling, Blind, Echo Dot 1]

Room2: [Ceiling, Blind, Echo Dot 2]

Instruction: "Alexa, turn the Ceiling on"

Answer: "Several devices have been detected with the same name..."

The problem is that the documentation explicitly states that alexa will take contextual information from the device groups to target the correct device:


Anchor link to the image (

Maybe i am missunderstanding something.

Any clarification is welcomed.

alexa smart homegroups
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