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Can AlexaTransportControls also control APL for Audio output?

I have a silent video in an APL Video component playing an ambient visualisation whilst at the same time, a dynamically assembled APL for Audio document plays out a soundscape.

The APL Video documentation mandates a pause control through on screen button AND voice when you use an APL Video component.

I can't see how to connect the pause control with the APL for Audio output so it controls both the video and the audio.

I think this will be confusing for users as if there's a big play/pause button on the screen, you'd expect it to play/pause both the video and the audio because you would not know they were separate.

So, what I want to know is

  • Do we really have to have play/pause control for what is effectively silent looping wallpaper video with no sound?
  • If we do, is there a way to connect hitting the AlexaTransportControls play/pause button with the APL for audio playback so it pauses/resumes when the video does?

I googled 'pause APL for Audio" but got nothing so I'm asking here.

Thanks for reading :)

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