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how should test CFH in develop environment,

Now I just have a developer account and a device bought by another amazon account,

what should I do if I want to test our device and cloud

testingcertification test case
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Assuming that "CFH" refers to the "Certified for Humans" program, then our "Get Your Device Certified for Humans" documentation can be found here:

You'll notice that there are several prerequisites before you're able to submit a device for "Certified for Humans" certification:

The major requirements that caught my attention are that your device must first have already received "Works with Alexa" certification. The Works With Alexa certification requirements can be found here:

The next major requirement that I noticed was that your device must have also already received Frustration-Free Setup certification. Steps walking through the Frustration-Free setup process can be found here:

Only once those certifications have been obtained can you proceed with making sure that your device meets the additional requirements of the "Certified for Humans" program as outlined here:

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Thanks a lot !

we have alreay satisfied those requirement certifications and finish "Certified for Humans" program coding, now the problem is how to test it, I think before we submit the CFH certification, we should test it ourself.

But I do not how to what to prepare besides the pre certifications, and not find document to guide me to do testing.

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As far as preparing for the Certified for Humans certification is concerned, it doesn't look like our documentation makes specific recommendations about how to test your device. Instead it provides the following general guidance:

  • Complete a security assessment from an independent security expert or certified security specialist.
  • Launch your product and gather a minimum of 90 days of performance data for latency, availability, state quality, and average review rating. The Certified for Humans program doesn't consider new products without a history of product and Alexa integration performance.

If further details or guidance is required, I would suggest reaching out to .

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