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Amazon Creator Preview does not allow new codes from being entered

This is not an issue with a particular stream or channel code... the issue is with the Amazon Creator Preview app itself and the latest FireTV OS.... you can't enter any codes after the Fire OS update in March ( I was not experiencing this issue before then )...19311-19301-screen-shot-2021-05-18.png regardless of the code you enter you cannot hit "next"...nothing happens... typically Amazon Creator Preview asks for a code, you enter the code via virtual keyboard, hit next or done and then Amazon Creator Preview either adds the channel or tells you it is invalid... in my case on the 4 Firetvs I have tested, nothing happens after you enter a code...the virtual keyboard stays open and does not parse the value to the app... see attachment... I can't get pass that screen regardless of the value I enter (valid or invalid code)... Can you confirm you can add new codes as of today to the amazon creator preview?

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