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I need to level up my T-shirt business; I really need help!


A few weeks ago, I singed up on Merch by Amazon and I got 10 T-shirts to design. I spent many hours designing my t-shirts. Here and there I had to delete a few to present a better design. However, I am glad to see that they are selling! I sold 28 thirsts in 2 weeks among my family and friends only.

However, they are not tiering me up! I am stuck with 10 t-shirts. I don't see myself growing with

10 t-shirts in any ways. The customer service is seriously dysfunctional. There are no live people, I can only email. I have sent them 8 emails and I get the same answer. I feel I am communicating with a robot. They are saying that they are not in charge of it, but they don't say who is so I can resolve this. They throw a few articles at the end of the email which does not get me anywhere. I really feel betrayed and frustrated.

The Fire Department is about to purchase another 8 t-shirts, and I told them to hold off. Amazon is making money off of my designs. Tiering me up is the simplest thing they could do for me.

In the last email, one said one sentence that was different that other emails: "If you want to upload more t-shirt, delete the old ones!" WHAT? Why would I delete my designs that I just uploaded and they are selling? How intelligent is that answer?

Anyways, I need either to tier up or close my account. I am mentally SO tired to hitting the wall every time I try to solve this. this took so much energy out of me, IM starting to think if it is worth it? If anyone has a professional advise before I shut down my page, I would greatly appreciate it. Sorry for the long email :( .

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