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How to get profile?

Dear sir/Madam,
I have Access token already for next step

Follow the instructions here:

We see the parameters no need Access token. soI build my url like that

$this->AccessToken= $_COOKIE[$this->AmzCookieName];
$EndPoint = '/v'.$this->Version. '/profiles';
$TheUrl = $this->UrlForAmazonAPI . $EndPoint.'?';
$TheUrl = $TheUrl . http_build_query(
array( "Amazon-Advertising-API-ClientId" => "{ $this->ClientID}",
"apiProgram" =>"campaign",
"accessLevel" =>"view",
"profileTypeFilter" =>"vendor"
return redirect($TheUrl);

The error appear:

{"code":"UNAUTHORIZED","details":"HTTP 401 Unauthorized","requestId":"MD1R9TJ2MHFHGM85KYAM"}

May I ask some question?

Why don't we need access token?
How to build to get profile?


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