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Home Audio - An Alexa Device Powered via PoE?

Hi guys,

I will be building a house soon so I am in the head wrecking phase of trying to figure out what exactly I want. I'm currently at home audio and I like the idea of each zone being controlled via a smart speaker hooked into a central amp.

I didn't like the idea of each room having to have an Alexa installed into the ceiling and operating over WiFi so I started to look if they could be ran via an Ethernet cable. I was disappointed to find out that this cannot be achieved.

I then looked around for third party devices and I was shocked to realise that nothing existed. I then discovered that you can install Alexa onto a Raspberry Pi so I bought one and a ReSpeaker 4 Mic Hat and set that up. There is currently an issue with the sensory repository so you can't have it being voice activated which is a bummer.

But, what is an even bigger bummer is that when you build your own device you can't stream mucic from Amazon/Spotify/Tunein etc. to this device so it's not going to be a runner either.

I thought I would log a message here to see if anyone else has tried to go down this route and if so what success did they have and if they found any devices in the market that covered this requirement?



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