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Why no public API? Why have customers not acted instead of all this talk?

Why has no one tried to Boycott Amazon for not listening to their customers or even just for refusing to make a public API. Especially with no explanation why they won't. I mean come one people. Without us there is no Amazon music or even complete Amazon at all. Someone should have started a petition or even started a boycott to achieve getting what we have all requested/demanded for and still no one does anything which is why there has been no change in almost 4 years. Levon@Amazon should be called out and shown the power of consumers not getting what they want. Bigger companies have folded and changed due to boycotts and consumers standing for what they want from the company. I find it extremely difficult to believe that not enough care nor spoken up there discontent for this yet no one has taken action. Words are nothing and easily tossed aside without action and consciences behind them. @levon should hear us and be scared not just repeating himself.

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