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How do I configure the MQTT (AWS IoT) test console for an Alexa skill invocation?


I have followed the following guide successfully except for testing with AWS IoT Core (subscribe to a topic)

mplement a Connected Building with Amazon Alexa and AWS IoT

What I have done is the following:

1. My skill can supposedly be integrated into AWS:

2. In IAM I have a role that I have used to test the AWS examples of freertos with a microcontroller:


3. In that role, I have Edit trust relationship and I have added the AWS Lambda Execution Role ARN:

Figure 3

4. I go to AWS IOT Test and I subscribe to all the topics (#)

Figure 4

5. I never frames the plots that should come and go from the tests I do from the Alexa dev console.

Figure 5

Any comment or suggestion is welcome


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