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Suggestion on Amazon Fire Stick TV Home Page Updates

Dear Amazon Developers,

I write this suggestion as an avid consumer of the Amazon Fire Stick TV. I also write in place of my autistic brother who uses your stick as a way of watching and saving his favorite shows. If anything, I hope developers interpret my suggestion as a way to improve the accessibility of your apps & programs. I hope this letter may improve the user experience for those who are autistic, neurodiverse, and for anyone else who needs such accommodations.

To begin, I'd like to explain that for many autistic people, pattern and routine is an important aspect of their everyday lives. It allows familiarity and continuity between their person and their environment. For my brother, and I'm sure for many autistic people, patterns and routines bring comfort to their everyday lives. When big companies such as Amazon make large or small changes to their apps and products it can be quite jarring for some autistic individuals who have spent their time memorizing and becoming comfortable with the original format of these home pages.

Recently, Amazon has changed its entire home page from its previous one. This change has come as upsetting to my brother who was very comfortable with the previous format.

The Fix :

Now that I have hopefully explained the problem; I wish to provide a fix. The easiest way to fix this for many people who deal with stress from abrupt pattern changes would be to:

1. Create an "original" format for your Amazon Fire Stick TV which does not change. This could be accessed through a button on the homepage or in settings to ensure that one can always choose which format they prefer/need.

As of right now, the most recent Fire Stick TV home screen format change (in the last few months) has been difficult for my brother to acclimate to. We ask that you bring back the previous Fire Stick TV home screen format for those who found it worked best with their routine.

As consumers, we appreciate your efforts to improve user experiences, but we also ask that you consider users who may not benefit from abrupt format changes. We ask that you think about users for whom these formats are not just a preference but a need.

I ask that you relay this letter to Amazon's Fire Stick TV's Accessibility department to make sure those who have the ability to help can hear me and my brother's suggestion.

Thank you,


Jessica Speight & Jabari Speight

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Thank you Jessica,

I have forwarded your feedback to the Fire TV team. Thanks!

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