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Video decoder bug for the Fire Stick Team

I'm trying to submit a bug to the FireTV team that they've had around the device video decoder. Where is the proper place for me to do that? Here's the bug:

We're seeing corruption issues when playing videos on FireTV Lite devices. In our app we play videos in an infinite loop, and sometimes immediately, sometimes after a few hours, or sometimes never, a random video will start playing static. Once that video plays static, it's likely the video will continue to play static until the FireTV is restarted.

Here are some videos of what I'm talking about:

We've seen 3 results when this bug happens:

1. The video continues to play with static indefinitely until the FireTV is restarted.

2. The app will freeze showing video static, and then all Video apps on the device will immediately freeze the moment they try to play videos (Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Youtube, and our App).

3. The video will start displaying properly again for seemingly no reason (this is pretty rare).

We've been able to ensure the issues no longer happens when we remove the decoder as an option for exoplayer to use and only rely on the software decoder. Given the nature of the issue, and the datapoints we've collected it seems likely that this is a problem with the FireTV decoder or sofware layer. We've also found postings of similar issues online that people have had with FireTV and popular video apps:

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