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Soliciting user reviews for an app store

Our app is rejected over and over over this policy validation:

Your app solicits customers for reviews of your app in exchange for user rewards or bonuses. Please update your app to comply with our customer reviews policy and resubmit your app for reconsideration.

We reviewed all the guidelines and we are NOT in any shape or form in the app, descriptions or anywhere else soliciting users for review, let alone soliciting reviews for in exchange for anything.

I feel that if we manage to reach a human that could take a look and override the automated system that is flagging the app, or at least tell us what is it exactly that is triggering it so we can change it. Please help.

Edit: I did not mention it above, but we used the "contact us" option several times and it leads to nothing. Same answer (if any) like in the Appstore submission details, no actual information or human involvement.

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