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FFS support the basic BLE protocol?

Hi, I'm the beginner of FFS that trying to understand the FFS mechanism, please help to answer the questions below to help me get through it.

I have a chip which support the BLE4 and WIFI protocol, and I wish to using FFS to make the device can easily to bind with AWS service.

1. Does BSS (Bluetooth simple setup) support the basic BLE protocol (like BLE 4) currently? if not, then does the teams plan it? because I see in documents, and it said that BSS might need to use BLE mesh protocol.

2. I also see the "WSS over BLE" words, how does it work?

3. As my guess, the Echo supported FFS protocol (BSS and WSS), and does it also support basic BLE connectivity to binding?

4. I also tried with Alexa APP on cell phone, and I see the APP can also doing "Add device", and how's the protocol it should to doing searching device and binding?

I'm studying to see if possible to make the chip can works with FFS protocol, but not pretty sure.

So I want to understand it more before I try to implement it.


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