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Alexa Smart Home skill not triggering EU (Ireland) lambda

I have my AWS assets (DynamoDB tables, IoT devices etc) in EU (Ireland), and if I create a Smart Home skill (configured for English UK only) with the default endpoint pointing to a eu-west-1 hosted lambda, then the lambda is not triggered by Alexa when trying to discover devices (neither in simulator nor via Alexa mobile app). If I create a lambda in us-east-1 and set the default endpoint to reference that ARN, then that lambda is triggered successfully. But that complicates access to my eu-west-1 AWS assets.

If I create a custom skill in the same Amazon developer account, then I can successfully use an eu-west-1 based lambda as default endpoint.

For some reason, both my Smart Home skill and my custom skill show up with devUS tag when viewing in "Your skills" ( From which locale setting does it determine this devUS tag?

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Hi Jonas. Testing smart home skills can be a bit tricky. Not only does your Echo device need to be set to a language supported by your skill (as far as Alexa is concerned English (US) and English (UK) are totally separate), but smart home skills also take into account a concept of "digital marketplace."

Basically, your Amazon retail account is associated with the digital marketplace of a particular country. This impacts a lot of different things on your account like, what video or music content is available to you. In the case of smart home skills though, if you want skill requests to be sent to your resources located in eu-west-1 (Ireland), then the Amazon account you're using to sign into the Alexa app must be associated with the digital marketplace of a country in Europe.

You can check the digital marketplace setting of your account and correct it by doing the following:

  1. Sign into your Amazon retail account
  2. Navigate to the "Content and Devices" section of your account:
  3. Click "Preferences"
  4. Click "Country/Region Settings"
  5. Click "Change"
  6. Either choose an existing address from the dropdown menu or enter a new address
  7. Click "Update"

Once that change has been made, go ahead and try working with your smart home skill again. Requests should now be routed correctly to your eu-west-1 (Ireland) endpoint and resources.

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Thank you for your answer. I'm unable to get rid of the devUS tag from my skills, no matter what I do. I don't see any preferences on my Content and Devices page.

At some point, I was able to change my digital marketplace setting to an European country, and then my skills disappeared in (The language you selected does not match your Amazon account settings.). Oddly enough, the Alexa app on my iPhone still showed the skills, albeit with the devUS tag. I'm a bit confused :).

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Hi Jonas. The "devUS" tag that you see in the Alexa app is admittedly confusing. However, these can be ignored.

I'm not sure that the logic of these tags was ironed out but if you're looking at and you see an enabled skill, the tag will likely say "devUS", even if the skill only has an English (UK) language version.

Can you confirm that you were able to receive smart home directives at your EU (Ireland) endpoint though? If not, since this is an account specific issue I'd then recommend contacting us directly using the form below and providing the following details:

  • Link to this forum thread
  • The e-mail address that you use to sign into the Alexa app (if different than than the e-mail address used to sign into the Alexa developer console)
  • Your skill ID
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