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Philips Hue HDMI Sync box functionality loss


It has been several day now that input switching didn't work anymore for my Philips Hue HDMI Sync Box. With Philips app it's OK but with voice / routine / Alexa app it didn't work.

I have try several things without success :

  • Delete device from Alexa an detect again
  • Disable and enable Hue skill
  • Factory reset the Sync Box

With Alexa app I can switch input but it doesn't change on the sync box and fews seconds after the input refresh in the app to what's really on the box.

Any clue to resolve the problem ?

works with alexa
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Hi Mathiew. It looks like you've found the Amazon Developer Forums, where we provide help and guidance for developers creating Alexa skills, including smart home skills.

From the issue description though, it sounds like you're an end user of Philips Hue's "Hue" Alexa skill and of their "Play HDMI Sync Box." Is that correct? If so, I would recommend reaching out to Philips for further guidance. It looks like they can be contacted via both phone and e-mail (using the "Send form >" button):

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That's correct and I was first thinking like you and ask Philips.

They response me to ask Alexa assistance because the problem occure when using Alexa app and not with Philips app. I have try to explain that the problem must be in the "Hue" skill but listening to they, it's not an Philips development...

But what's the true ? Is it really Philips that made the "Hue" skill ? What make you say that ?

Here is the only place I found to report problem with Alexa.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Mathieu. Yes, Philips makes the "Hue" Alexa skill.

For example, let's say you have an Apple iPhone and you go to the "App Store" app to download the "Philips Hue" iOS app. Apple did not make the "Philips Hue" app though, Philips did, it's just distributed via Apple's "App Store" app.

Similarly, when you open the Alexa App to enable the "Hue" skill, Amazon did not create the "Hue" skill, Philips did, it's just distributed via Amazon's Alexa app.

Now, if you're having trouble enabling or finding the Philips Hue skill at all, that's something that our customer support team should be able to help you out with. They can be contacted via the URL below:

If however, you have the Hue Alexa skill enabled successfully, it's just that the skill is not behaving as expected, that would be a question for Philips just as if you were having trouble with their iOS or Android app.

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