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"Open" - Not working for first launch

My expectation and experience with most skills in the store, is that I should be able to choose a skill that I've never used or enabled before, and simply speak "Open <skill invocation name>" to launch the skill on an Alexa device.

I've recently deployed a skill, and I'm finding that I can use it via the:

"Enable <skill invocation name> skill" phrase

However, it's not opening via the:

"Open <skill invocation name>" phrase

Is there any documentation that explains why a user new may not be able to invoke a new skill (first launch) via a "Open <skill invocation name>" phrase?

live app testing
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This is mostly speculation, because I don't know how alexa picks shich skills to invoke, but as you already noticed not all of them will be picked when you say 'open'. It takes time for this invocation to work also it depends on the quality of the skill if it ever will be openable with 'open'. All I can suggest is wait and see if it opens with open after a bit of time.
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