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WWA Badge certification requirements (PowerController change report)

We were writing up and refining what would we need to do in order to certify Coffee Plus for the WWA badge. While reading Amazon documentation, we stumbled across few requirements that could potentially introduce some problems.

Specifically, on it is stated that:

  • When the state of reported property changes, you must send a ChangeReport with the new property value within three seconds of the state change. The ChangeReportmust also include the current value of the connectivity property, defined by Alexa.EndpointHealth interface.

Now, we would introduce PowerController, but here is what we got on ChangeReport:

  1. The machine is off (hardware state is OFF)
  2. The user turns it On, but the machine first needs to rinse for approx. 30 seconds (hardware state is RINSING)
  3. Machine finished rinsing, we receive an event from the appliance and send ChangeReport (hardware state is finally ON)

As you can see, the requirement stated that ChangeReport needs new property within 3 seconds of the state change, but we send it after the machine is finished with rinsing (approx. 30 seconds).

Would this case be acceptable? Putting that in some context, rinsing can somewhat be seen as "booting up", therefore, even though the user pressed the power button, it isn't fully on until heated up and rinsed. Or we would need to send ChangeReport immediately after the user presses the power button.

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Generally all of the requirements are as per the documentation - additionally, it's difficult to comment on any type of certification unless it goes through the certification process. You could either submit this to certification and see the results, or reach out through the Contact Us page to contact the WWA team for more details:

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