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How register ATSAMD21+USI ACK module with Alexa app? always failed

Hello all

I try to run USI ACK module +samd21 demo , but always failed when register it with Alexa app.

I have confirmed with below key point:

1. my Alexa app address is, app version is 2.2.401007

2. I register the ACK board within 5 minutes after it's power up,

3. my application code example is smartlight, ACK SDK firmware version is SDK3.2, vendor is MTK USI

When I completed scan barcode step, I always get "we failed to receive a response from your device".

So , I have some question about that

do my ACK module need to access the network first when it first power up? ( if yes, how?)

what the "I/O error reading ack " means?

Anyone can help ?

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