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Trying to setup ACK in EU country

The device cannot be properly registered with a EU account.

It's working properly with a US account.

We found there's a bug fix in the latest firmware - for Espressif devices - release that may solve the issue.

Fixed a bug where devices based on ACK Module with Espressif chipset were emitting incorrect static country code in device logs irrespective of actual  country setting in Amazon account that was used to login on Alexa App. With this bug fix, device logs will now contain country code as per country setting in  Amazon account used to login on Alexa App and register the device.

Mediatek has an update too, but there's no mention to a similar issue in the release notes.

But... we cannot do the firmware upgrade.

Working on MacOS 10.13.6 with Alexa Connect Kit module utility Version, java version "16.0.1" 2021-04-20, Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 16.0.1+9-24) connecting USB to the ACK module USB port there's no port reported in

java -jar ackmoduleutility.jar listports

Tried with and without jumpers as

The development board comes with jumper caps on the TX, RX, INT_B, and RES_B connectors. When a jumper cap is in place, the signal is routed to the board pin headers.

We were unable to find any documentation on the process beyond the CLI reference.

What are we missing?

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ACK is working on adding support to more regions outside North America. If you are already subscribed to "ACK News and Notification" ( you will get the latest update on additional regions support
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