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LWA on a Fire TV Hosted Web App

I am currently making a Fire TV Hosted Web App and I would like to integrate "Login with Amazon" (LWA). I am trying to figure out which LWA SKD I should use- Should I follow the "LWA for Websites" tutorial, the "LWA for Android and Fire Apps" tutorial, or the "LWA for TVs and Other Devices" tutorial?

"LWA for Websites" appears to use a JavaScript library to open popups, redirect the user, etc. I am not sure how this will work on a Fire TV device. "LWA for Android and Fire Apps" appears to use a Java SDK with Android Studio. Because my web app is Hosted, it does not use Java/Android studio. "LAW for TVs and Other Devices" appears to be language agnostic, however I do not believe I can do this from within a webview due to CORS limitations reading the API responses.

This makes me think I should use "LWA for Websites", however I want to confirm that the JavaScript SDK will realize it is being run on a Fire TV device and not prompt the user with browser popups, manual keyboard entry, or other desktop-only features. I would like to take advantage of the slick LWA from Fire TV flow described here.


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