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iOS keychain bug when connecting AVS Device

iOS keychain bug when connecting AVS Device

I have an app that connects an AVS device using LWA. The flow provided by the AVS documentation is as follows:

LWA works if the user does NOT use keychain to sign in. However when using Keychain, something seems to not fully connect, and the device sits in an offline state.

There are no errors logged from the provided LWA SDK callbacks.

I have also researched multiple other AVS devices on the market with iOS apps and the problem is wide spread:

From JBL Speaker app:

Testing with latest LWA SDK. on iOS 14. Xcode 12.

@Mike@Amazon I saw you answered an LWA question on another post. Can you take a look? I also saw the link you posted on another one saying needed to go through the contact form but there isn't a good way to put an LWA topic. I tried going through the AVS team since we are connecting to an AVS device, but they just said they weren't the right team.


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