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Alexa Gadgets Latency

Hi there,

We are building an application by using Alexa gadget protocol on our custom devices to communicate with Echo show. Alexa skill is hosted on AWS Lambda. Our application requires real-time responses on Echo show from Alexa after the gadget sends out an event to the cloud. Currently, what we have seen is it takes about 1.2 seconds between gadget sends event to echo show and echo show says the response from the SSML, which is from the Alexa Skill based on AWS Lambda.

Originally, we thought the latency is from the skill lambda function. However, after following this article to check the latency on the skill lmabda, it only takes <100 ms to send the response back to alexa cloud.

Do you have any recommendations regarding how to troubleshooting the Alexa gadget latency issue?

Thank you

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