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After you’ve published your 1st flash briefing what happens when you publish the next one?

Hi I’m new to the world of flash briefings and have just published my first one. What happens when I go to do the next one? What happens to the first briefing does it go offline waiting for the next one to be certified? Also if you publish it in the uk language does it get published to all English speaking countries like USA and Australia? Or do you have to publish your flash briefing each and every time to different English speaking amazon stores like amazon USA etc?

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EmmaC@Amazon answered

Hello! Thanks for reaching out. When you create multiple flash briefing skills, each one is independent from the others, in the sense that when you submit the second one for certification, it will not impact the existing live flash briefing skill.

In order to ensure that your skill is available to users in a particular country’s skill store, there are two main factors to consider. The first is to make sure that your skill includes a language model that corresponds to your target country's skill store. Since you are interested in flash briefing skills, you will need to create a separate skill for each language you offer your flash briefing in. For example, a flash briefing skill with English (UK) will only make the skill available to the UK skills store on Please reference the link below for more information regarding flash briefing skills:

Secondly, your target country will need to be enabled in the "Availability" section in the "Distribution" tab of your skill in the Developer Console. In order for your skill to reach the widest audience, we recommend that you leave this option on the default setting unless you have a specific use-case for creating a white list of countries in order to restrict publication.

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