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Alexa in-skill purchase status "purchasable": "NOT_PURCHASABLE"

I have a custom Alexa skill that is currently In Dev. When I query the Alexa In-Skill Product Service API, the response says that the entitlement is NOT_PURCHASABLE. What causes this state? All accounts are in the US, language is English.

Response from Alexa ISP API:

{"inSkillProducts":[{"productId":"amzn1.adg.product.xxxxxxx","referenceName":"word_families","type":"ENTITLEMENT","name":"Moyca Learners Word Family Flash Cards","summary":"Flash cards used to teach phonics with word families for over 200 unique words.","entitled":"NOT_ENTITLED","entitlementReason":"NOT_PURCHASED","purchasable":"NOT_PURCHASABLE","activeEntitlementCount":0,"purchaseMode":"TEST"}],"nextToken":null,"truncated":false}
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