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Fire Tablet Issue - Login with Facebook only works for our app when Facebook App is installed on Fire Tablet device

We have an issue using Login with Facebook functionality within our app on Fire Tablets and would greatly appreciate some help so we can understand and resolve the issue.

Notes on the issue:

- Login with Facebook on our app works perfectly if the user also has the Facebook app installed on the Fire Tablet.

- Login with Facebook on our app shows the error message "Logging into the app with Facebook is not available at this time" if the user does not also have the Facebook app installed on the Fire Tablet.

What is causing the error message attached to show? Has anybody experienced this issue and found a fix? We would like our users to be able to complete the Login with Facebook flow if they don't have the Facebook App installed on the device.

FYI the test device is a Fire Tablet 7 (9th generation), but the issue exists across all Fire Tablets.

Thanks in advance for your help here, we really appreciate it!

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