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How create smart home skill that communicate with smart home physical endpoint?

Hi all,

Can anyone explain how to create an home skill that communicate with avs physical endpoint LikePowerController?

I mean: I want develop a smart home skill that when I call "alexa turn on device" call ::setState cpp function in avs sdk.

Thanks in advance.


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Amazon_Bernardo Bezerra answered

Hello Tommaso and thanks for your question.

In order to achieve that, you will need to ensure that your AVS device is discoverable by your smart home skill and that it implements the PowerController interface. Then, once you say "Alexa, turn on device", your endpoint will receive a TurnOn directive which it will need to handle and, in your example, issue the ::setState cpp function in your AVS device.

This page contains additional information about how the Smart Home Skill API works.

Regards and good development,

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Howard Honig answered

Barry's answer certainly does not answer the question of the original post. The page he references doesn't say anything about how the endpoint device is programmed or how the lamda program identifies the endpoint device. I have been studying this for the last two weeks and have not found an example, the api library, or any reference or how the endpoint device receives the event.

Can someone direct me to something that will tell me other then the explanation of the Alexa Smart Home pages on the Alexa "documentation" which I have read multiple times? Specifically how does the lamba program know the IP address of the endpoint device (light, microwave, etc), if it is the lamda program, what library procedure(s) instigate it, etc. Don't get me wrong, the alexa web pages are good for what it is, but leaves out the last important step.

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Smart home skills generally don't control AVS endpoints - they're specifically used to control smart home devices that you can already control through a device cloud. There isn't any functionality to turn on AVS devices using a smart home skill as that would mean that you would already need functionality to turn on the AVS device using your own device cloud.

What Bernardo mentioned is that if your AVS device is also registered as a device on your device cloud and your device cloud can directly control your AVS device, you can use the PowerController interface for the AVS device for your device cloud. I don't believe this is the best practice - smart home skills are used for controlling devices through a device cloud that you already own, which is why there's no simple functionality to control AVS devices through a smart home skill.

As this is a slightly older thread, I would suggest posting a new thread with more information specific to your query if you have further questions.

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