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Impossible to register the ACK module


I'm developing a prototype of a shutter automation control unit for commercial purposes.

I'm using the ACK development kit ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO-DevKit for embedding Alexa functionalities in my product.

I have followed the tutorial at this link: , successfully completing all steps up to ACK module registration.

Indeed, when I try to register my device as in Step 5: Register Your ACK Module -> Register your device, the Alexa app cannot find any new device.

I have connected the ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO-DevKit to my host MCU and I can read the serial debug, which outputs the following:

0 [CRT ACK_Initialize] ACK Device SDK Implementation Core (re-)started; firmware version 0x00000001
9 [INF ACK_Initialize] Resetting ACK module.
264 [INF ACKUser_OnLifecycleStateChange] ACK lifecycle state changed to 1
270 [INF ACK_Initialize] ACK Device SDK Implementation Core fully initialized.
3052 [INF ProcessEventIfAvailable] HOSTINT asserted; processing inbound event.
3059 [INF SetSize_] Heaplet high-water consumption: 12 bytes
3252 [INF ProcessEventState_ReceiveNextEvent_] Received connectivity module booted event.
3260 [INF LifecycleModuleBooted] Connectivity Module finished booting or rebooting.
3267 [INF ACKUser_OnLifecycleStateChange] ACK lifecycle state changed to 2
3274 [INF SatisfySendHostConfig] Sending host config to ACK Connectivity Module...
3281 [INF ACKModule_HostConfigWrite] Sending write host config command
3288 [INF SetSize_] Heaplet high-water consumption: 16 bytes
3674 [INF SatisfySendHostConfig] Sent host config to ACK Connectivity Module.
3801 [INF SetSize_] Heaplet high-water consumption: 56 bytes
3827 [INF ACKUser_OnLifecycleStateChange] ACK lifecycle state changed to 4
6320 [INF ACKUser_OnLifecycleStateChange] ACK lifecycle state changed to 5
11900 [INF SatisfyPendingUserGuidedSetupRequest] Initiating user-guided setup...
11907 [INF ACKModule_UserGuidedSetupInitiate] Sending initiate user-guided setup command to the module.
12057 [INF SatisfyPendingUserGuidedSetupRequest] User-guided setup successfully initiated.

I have uploaded on the host MCU the HelloWorld program and all what I do is powering up the device, pressing the lifecycle button and searching a new development device in the Alexa app, all withing the 5 minutes.

Moreover I have noticed that I can see the ESP32-PICO-V3-ZERO-DevKit in available bluetooth devices on my phone, with the name "ACK-2GN".

I would like also to point out that the item "ACK Module" is not available in the list of development devices brands in the Alexa app, as indicated in this link: .

Indeed, I have the last version of the Alexa app (2.2.390493.0) and I see only "NXP" and "Other" in development devices brands.

Please help me or provide a detailed reference, any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Karunish@Amazon answered

Since you don't see the ACK Module option on the Alexa App discovery flow, it most probably seems like you have logged in to Alexa App through an account that does not belong to United States, Canada or Mexico markets. ACK Module is currently supported only in these 3 markets.

You can confirm this by looking into the Host Name setting under About page on Alexa App.

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Hi Karunish,

thanks for the help, you are right, my account belongs to Italian market (Host name:, is it possible to change it for development purposes? When will the ACK be available also for the Italian market?

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Karunish@Amazon avatar image Karunish@Amazon newuser-12999404-ce9e-4630-b19b-4ee8dc4de0cb commented ·

You can create an account at (US market) and use it to login on Alexa App. If you have a test phone, you can also try changing the region and language on your phone to US, English (US) and login to Alexa app on it. This might point to endpoint.

You can subscribe to ACK News and Notifications to get notified when ACK would be available in Italian market.

Please up vote my answer if it helped.

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