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"Report False Reviews" button on Amazon Store

Amazon reviews used to be so trustworthy, I would base much of my buying off them. I can no longer do that because they are gamed so easily. So many times I've selected a highly rated product only to note that in the global reviews they were "reviewing" different products than what was being sold. For instance, today I was looking at "Back Braces" and found the two highly reviewed ones. In the global reviews for that product, they were reviewing several different products- markers, fondue forks, electrical outlets, lights, etc (not BACK BRACES which was the product being sold). My guess is they start selling cheap items to get high reviews, then switch the product details when they get those high ratings in order to boost a different product. Whenever I've seen this on a product, which is COMMON, there's no way to report it except to call customer service, wasting both my valuable time and theirs. I've called SO MANY times and asked for the feature which I'm about to describe. On all product pages, there should be a button to "Report False Reviews" or "Report Product Different than Reviews." And then when that button has been clicked by say, 10 different people, it would flag that product and its reviews for review to see if someone has manipulated the page to sell a product based on false or different product reviews. In this way, there is little cost for a customer to report it, there is easy information sharing, and we don't waste customer service's phone time, and Amazon reviews can slowly start to build up the respect they used to have. Please, for the love of god (lol), add this feature! I will be so happy.

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