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Amazon content policy, not compliant, why?

Submission of our application for Amazon Appstore is rejected for Amazon devices due to not being compliant with the Amazon Content Policy...

The only detail provided is:

  • We consider a variety of factors as we evaluate each app, including the customer experience offered on the device and compatibility with the device. While our goal is to offer a broad and compelling assortment of apps to Amazon customers, not all apps available through Amazon Appstore are currently available on Amazon devices.

I have emailed twice pushing for more detail, and received the exact same statement back with no further explanation. I see on these forums that others have experienced this problem too. I submitted another email last week and haven't received a response.

It seems perfectly understandable there would be strict criteria for getting an app listed on the Amazon App Store, and there may be instances where developers may not be able to comply. However, keeping them in the dark as to what the rejection reason might be, is a waste of all parties time - we as developers are inclined to keep asking if a vague, uninformative reason has been provided.

Please elaborate. I understand it may be sensitive and may wish to be discussed over email, however, if it is a show-stopper reason, I'd rather know and save our time by moving on, rather than not knowing at all.

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A month has passed with no update on this thread. No further replies to emails have been received, I have just submitted another ticket.

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Was there a follow up on this? We do not understand why our app was hit with this issue. We also haven't got any replies.

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