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Flash briefing server requests increase


I have recently discovered that my TTS Flash Briefing skill has also increased by 10x the server load since September/October 2020.

The plays is less than 1000 every 30 days but I'm having a server load of 30k requests per 30 days.

Is there any chage or bug that could be making this intensive usage? it could become a monetary issue that I would like to stop.

Here are some graph from AWS dashboard where in can be seen the increased server load:

Any help is really appreciated, I would not like to remove the skill.


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Hello and thanks for posting.

Can you please share the skill-ID that is generating this?


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The skill-ID is amzn1.ask.skill.44da82e8-549d-4f38-a406-4c26600179e3 called "Rodalies".

Sorry for the late reply and thank you. The issue is still live and slowly getting worse.


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Can you please check if there is an increase in the usage of the skill as well?

It would be good to know if something external is triggering your feed URL.


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Hi @Gaetano@Amazon,

No there is not signal of usage increase, it is actually going down by month. Also Flash Briefing skills API usage is limited by the refresh policy on Amazon side, right?

If Flash Briefing skills are refreshed by Amazon on Hourly basis or similar, should not be possible for you to review if is there any issue and it is calling the API more than it should?


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