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Connect to api to add product to the store and download orders


How to connect to api to add product to the store and download orders.

Can you give an example in C # and explain from where to get the appropriate data to enter.

I found an example but I don't know if it's good

LWAAuthorizationCredentials lwaAuthorizationCredentials = new LWAAuthorizationCredentials


ClientId = "amzn1.application-oa2-client.40d6b012b6d7407ab8bd0ba14e02149f",

ClientSecret = "9cd9317868b1acedab3012d18d24d9569fc6f8650f3b737671be47fd6263ce8a",

RefreshToken = "???",

Endpoint = new Uri("")


RestClient client = new RestClient("");

RestRequest request = new RestRequest("/orders/v0/orders", Method.GET);

request.AddQueryParameter("MarketplaceIds", "?????");

request.AddQueryParameter("CreatedAfter", "2020-12-01T00:00:00Z");

LWAAuthorizationSigner auth = new LWAAuthorizationSigner(lwaAuthorizationCredentials);


AWSAuthenticationCredentials aws = new AWSAuthenticationCredentials();

aws.AccessKeyId = "???";

aws.SecretKey = "??";

aws.Region = "us-east-2";

AWSSigV4Signer signer = new AWSSigV4Signer(aws);

signer.Sign(request, client.BaseUrl.Host);

var resp = client.Execute(request);



where can I find - RefreshToken, AccessKeyId, SecretKey,MarketplaceIds

I have access to a reseller account and developer account but I cannot find this information

I have a similar report

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