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Delay "CustomInterfaceController.StartEventHandler" until AFTER Alexa Speech response

Is there a way to delay the StartEventHandler directive (added to the response via .addDirective()) until AFTER the Speech audio has finished?

I'm not talking about queued responses/REPLACE_ALL on the speak output, my scenario is as follows:

  • Alexa Response Speak output asks a question (maybe 10s duration/varies) -- the response also has the "CustomInterfaceController.StartEventHandler" directive
  • The user answers the question by interacting with the Gadget
  • If the user accidentally interacted with the Gadget BEFORE the question "speech" finished -- the question is either interrupted (using REPLACE_ALL) or enqueued (default) -- but still registers/processes that user interaction.
  • I only want to register Gadget events that happen AFTER the question has been asked.

Is this possible?

Let me know if I need to clarify anything further.

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