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Video Skills API - TV inconsistent

I am having issues with the Video Skills API. I have already developed a smart home skill that controls lights, fans, and thermostats here at my house. I wanted to control media such as TVs - turn on/off, on-screen navigation, launch apps, and control the volume. I actually could already turn the TVs on/off using the power controller via the smart home skill but I decided to move that over to the video skills api. So I created a video skills app, deployed the lambda, etc and its all setup and it works - but very very inconsistently. I have a TV that has the power controller, speaker, and some other capabilities. There is no rhyme or reason as to when my lambda will actually get called, and its very very inconsistent. Usually Alexa just beeps after I give the command "Alexa turn on the TV" or "Alexa turn the volume up on the TV". The device is in a group called "Upstairs Living Room" and the device is named "TV". I've tried "Alexa turn on the TV in the Upstairs Living Room", "Alexa turn the volume up on the TV", "Alexa turn the volume up on the Upstairs Living Room TV", "Alexa turn up the volume on the TV", "Alexa turn up the volume on the TV in the Upstairs Living Room", etc, etc, etc, etc. A handful of times out of hundreds of commands it has invoked my lambda, so I know the lambda works but something is broke. Alexa is supposed to be able to know when I'm in the same room as the TV I want to control, because I have a group configured that contains an Alexa dot and the TV, but that doesnt seem to help. I wonder if the room names and device names are not playing nicely. Please help this is so frustrating and this is very simple

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