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ALEXA send response asynchronously through EVENTS gateway

I have followed all steps mentioned here till retrieving the bearer token. But I would like to know exactly how do we send a asynchronous response to Alexa? If you see the example here

POST /v3/events HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer access-token-from-Amazon
Content-Type: application/json

  "context": {
    "properties": [
  "event": {
    "header": {
      "messageId": "abc-123-def-456",
      "correlationToken": "abcdef-123456",
      "namespace": "Alexa",
      "name": "Response",
      "payloadVersion": "3"
    "endpoint": {
      "scope": {
        "type": "BearerToken",
        "token": "access-token-from-Amazon"
       "endpointId" :  "endpoint-id"
    "payload": {

There is a mention of endpoint-id? What is the endpoint-id for the alexa device itself? How can I send a response to alexa? I just want to send a "hello world" response which alexa will voice it out when I send it through an events gateway? Can anyone show me a sample? Thanks

The flow I will be using is

Alexa calls aws lambda

Lambda sends a deferred response synchronously

Then after some time I would like to send a response message to alexa asynchronously

But all the example codes I have seen mention an endpointid. I am not sure what it is? I just want to send a simple response which alexa needs to voice it out. That's all Is it possible at all? THANKS

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Can anyone help me? Can you please post an example of a simple async Response to ALexa through the event gateway, all alexa has to do is voice out the response that's it.Many Thanks Please note I have reached till the part where Bearer token is received successfully and then access and refresh tokens too all are good.
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